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Clients & Testimonials

Hello Francois,  

I am writing to let you know that I think your Adirondack chairs are outstanding!  Beautifully designed, beautifully made and terrifically protected with a hue of marine quality stain that harmonizes perfectly with nature. They serve as the furnishings for a very special place I call "The Dining Room" that you will see in this photo.  The fact that it has proven to be one of my more popular prints suggests I'm not alone in admiring them. You might also enjoy knowing the chairs in this scene were chosen as the signature shot for Brockville's major new development, The Tall Ships Landing: http://www.tallshipslanding.com/welcome.html  

My "Dining Room" is a flat rock at the edge of my island in the Thousand Islands, about 10 feet above the water with an outstanding vista upstream towards the Southwest and the place I most like to spend time, whether enjoying a meal or not. I'm a big believer in not trying to "out decorate" Mother Nature, particularly because we Thousand Islanders were drawn here by the natural beauty in the first place. These chairs are the perfect compliment, adding beauty to a beautiful place without overpowering it. 

The fact that they are also super comfortable, fold up for winter storage and have weathered six months of sunshine, wind and rain for over four years now and still look terrific is a testament to the effort you have put into making them. Cabinetmaking used to be a hobby of mine, so I fully understand how unusual this kind of quality is in a commercial product.  

Many thanks for your very fine work. It's not often I see furniture in this class.

Ian Coristine

M. Bruneau, j'ose vous adresser la parole en français.

Mon amie et moi nous sommes rendus à la ferme Sanders aujourd'hui avec nos deux petites familles et sincèrement je n'avais encore jamais vu rien de tel pour les structures de jeux pour les enfants. Votre travail est simplement génial et je vous félicite d'avoir tant de talent et de l'exploiter de si brillante façon. Nous sommes restés plus de 5 heures sur le site et avons passé le 2/3 du temps dans les structures de jeux... Nous avons dû arracher nos deux petits garçons du bateau de pirates.

Bravo encore et bonne réussite pour votre entreprise.

Isabelle Trépanier

"Just wanted to let you know that it's been 1 year since I recieved my Royal Chair and ottoman set and they still look as beautiful as the day I unpacked them. They sit on the beach just five feet from the ocean beneath the harsh Key West sun and still retain their amazing shine and smooth finish. These chairs are by far the best I've ever seen. I recieve many compliments on them from my friends and neighbors. They are very well made and are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for such a quality product, I am very pleased, keep up the good work."

Key West, Florida USA

"Having lived with your Royal Adirondack Chairs for about a month, I must tell you a few comments. And only because of our few pre-purchase communications (in which your responses were prompt, thorough, detailed, and accurate), I could feel that you were concerned not just about your products, but your company's service, and sincere and complete customer satisfaction. So here goes.

For a variety of reasons I was late in ordering the chairs which I needed for a long holiday weekend, in which we were having numerous house guests. You said the chairs arrival on my schedule (of less than a week away) would be very difficult. Specifically because yesterday was your shipping pick up, and as stated, this week included a holiday in it. But you would try to have them to me as soon as possible.

Because of your special efforts with an unscheduled shipping pick-up, my chairs arrived in time to make me, and most importantly, my wife smile. I hate living in the dog house!

They were well packaged, which I would expect. What I didn't expect was that the instructions were simple, clear, accurate, (unlike most assembly instructions that I read which seem to loose something in the translation process from what appears to be Chinese, translated into French, then German, and then English. Always loosing something in each step of the numerous translations). Your instructions had to have been written by the craft person, and not the shipping secretary that has never seen the chair, let alone ever put one together! They were simple and made sense! This was a very pleasant surprise. A good start, especially since I usually get frustrated before I assemble anything because of the above reasons.

The pieces were all there, (even alternate pieces for differing desires of ease of assembly), they all fit together well, and fit as shown in the directions. Another good surprise. Because of this, assembly was actually fun. I can't believe I said that!

Your chairs are well designed, engineered, and manufactured. Always paying attention to details. And for quality, it is the little things that are important!

As in your ads, they are comfortable, very comfortable. And my wife has had 2 spinal neurosurgeries.

The wood, and its finishing is beautiful and feels great to the touch, which was immediately apparent in assembly. The lines and curves of the chair are more dramatic in person that they are in the pictures. Consequently, they are a piece of art. They are not only soothing to sit into, but they are soothing to they eye when they are vacant! We love looking at them!

As we were deciding their potential placement, I asked my father in law his opinion as to where he thought they should go. In his deepest sincerity, his response was "In the living room"! He meant it, and I agree!

Thanks for maintaining quality characteristics that are almost extinct today. Thanks for being a person, and a company with pride. It's refreshing in our times and society.

Most cordially, "

Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA

"I assembled my chairs yesterday afternoon and sat out in the warm evening air in my front garden.... it wasn't long before my neighbour came over and sat down in the second chair and admired the superb quality of workmanship! As he sat down he said "all you need is a lake"! (I live in the city, but my natural garden does have a country feel to it.)

The chairs are fabulous and after contemplating whether to stain or paint them, I've decided to leave the wood in its natural state: the feel and smell of the cedar is sooooo nice.

Thanks for customizing the chairs for me by eliminating the scroll work on the front bottom piece. They look great in my natural wildflower garden!!

My sister is coming over in a few weeks and who knows, she may be tempted to order some as well.

I love my chairs! And the folding feature is such a bonus for us city dwellers.

All the best,"

D. Counter
Toronto, ON Canada

"We received our chairs and they are great! I just wanted you to know they are every thing you said and we are really enjoying them on our patio.

This is real quality!"

R. Clark
Corinth, MS USA

"The set arrived this afternoon.....great service! My husband had been quite skeptical of adirondack chairs but pronounced yours more comfortable than any he's ever tried. Thank you!"

Donna B.
Winthrop, MA USA

"Your adirondack chairs are so wonderful I know it is something many people like and would want to purchase. I have given out three of your brochures already to people specifically asking, "How do I get hold of the guy who does this beautiful work"."

Ottawa, ON Canada

"By the way, this stuff is beautiful! My wife is delighted with her birthday present. I made the mistake of showing her your website. Expect more orders in the future."

Robert C.
Atlanta, GA USA

"Chair set have been received. I must say that the set is awesome. Your website really represents what we bought.

Service is as expected! We will recommend you to our family and friends.

Keep the good work you really make the best Adirondack chair!

Thank You!"

Stephane P.
Cap-Rouge, QC

"Thank you so much for my chair. I absolutely love it. The finish is so beautiful. I am looking forward to getting much use from it this summer. Thank you for such a beautiful product!

PS: Please feel free to use my email as a testimonial. We love your chair!"

Oregon, USA

"Hi. We have two of your adirondack chairs and absolutely love them. I would really like to have a couple of lounge chairs and footrests, too..."

Michele P.

"I received my adirondack chairs and they are great. My wife really likes them.

Thank you,"

Ray R.
Baltimore, MD USA

"Absolutely beautiful well made adirondack chair! I love it--thanks so much!!!"


"Beautiful workmanship!


Steve P.

"Adirondack chair has arrived & been assembled. Looks good & sits well. A pleasure to do business with you."

Vern P.

"The adirondack furniture is lovely. I greatly appreciated having a personal delivery to my door. He even demonstrated how to fold the adirondack chairs after he assembled them.

Thank you!"


"Thanks - the adirondack chairs just arrived and I unpacked them. They smell sooooooooo good. I'm going to put my finish on them before putting them together.

Thanks again,"


"The adirondack chairs turned out beautiful. The day that I had finished assembling them my friend had company over. We had put the chairs out on the deck in the back. She was so amazed at how beautiful they turned out, that she had to show everyone her new adirondack chairs. One person had remarked that they were so beautiful, that they were the show piece to her back yard, which is beautifully landscaped. And everyone else just loved them. You guys definitely have "the best adirondack chairs," I have ever seen. Again, thank you and I will definitely be ordering more!!!!"

Johnna Boutilier

"I received my two adirondack chairs today. They look great. Easy to put together.

Thank you"

G. Brown

"I just found a few seconds to write you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with my new Royal Adirondack chair--its Light Golden finish looks great on my porch, it is VERY comfortable to sit in, and it is the PERFECT complement to both our new porch AND a cold bottle of Labatt Blue. (My mother is extremely jealous, and I'm sure will place an order for one of her own once she makes her first visit to our new house in Florida.)

Thanks again for a top-notch product & a super-easy buying experience, we'll be in touch with you when we're ready to buy our swing. "

Bill R.
Harmony, FL

"I received the adirondack chair yesterday, and it was well worth the wait. What a beautiful piece! The wood and the workmanship are incredible.

I just wanted to thank you for the great chair, and I'm hoping the weather will hold for a few weeks so my husband can sit outside on it.

Maybe we'll just put it in the living room!

Thanks again, "

D. Thomas
Winnemucca, NV

"Just to say thanks for the three adirondack chairs. They are wonderfully constructed and look really sharp. We appreciated the personal delivery . We have indeed purchased a wonderful product which is why I just ordered an ottoman and end table and will be ordering the lounge next year. Thanks again for a great product and wonderful service."

Peter V.
Port Franks, ON Canada

"My husband put the adirondack chairs together last weekend (four adirondack chairs, two side tables & footrests). They are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for the thoughtful care you put into your product!"

E. Braymen

"We peeked in one box and were initially impressed with the quality of wood and fine sanding.



"Francois, I can't tell you how much we are enjoying the swing. We love it. My husband loves it and thinks that you do excellent work. He wished that he had thought of some of the ideas you had for putting it together. Thank you so much for the nice Birthday gift this year. Maybe we will talk to each other again sometime.

Thank you,"

Pat F.

"I just want to let you know that the adirondack chairs arrived last Friday at my home address in good shape! They were perfectly packed and nothing was damaged.

Of course we immediately assembled them and after approx. 1 hour we could sit back and relax in our beautiful and comfortable Adirondack chairs. They are everything I hoped for and even more... absolutely perfect.

We think it very special to spend our summers in these nice chairs made in Canada. It was nice doing business with you. Good luck with your business & Thanks for the nice co-operation. Should you ever need a reference in Holland, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards,"

Petra and Jac S.

"We were very pleased with the Adirondack chairs. They are painted white now and in active use.


Rhoadesville, VA USA